Friday, April 24, 2015

JPEA Announces Cumulative PV Installation of 100GW by 2030 in Japan

Article originally published in, on april 24th, 2015

ET - The Japan Photovoltaic Energy Association (JPEA) published “PV Outlook 2030” in December, 2013. Later on, JPEA published another version and revised the 2020 PV installation target from 49.4GW that was original stated in the 2013 version to 65.7GW. In which, residential PV dropped from 18.3GW to 16.3GW, while installations below 1MW increased from 17.0GW to 25.2GW; Installations above 1MW soared from 14.1GW to 24.2GW. The rise in mega-solar power stations will boost total amount of installation.

JPEA estimated that residential market (below 10kW) will continue to grow after Japan’s preferential rate program comes to an end in July 2015. However, by then, megasolar power station growth will turn slower. Therefore, residential PV capacity is expected to reach 36.4GW by 2030; 34.6GW for installations below 1MW; and 29.1GW for megasolar power stations. The total will be approximately 100GW by 2030 and it will even reach 190GW by 2050.